Monday, March 23, 2015

If You Are Still With Us

We are still here. Lots of things going on since the holidays were upon us, but we are getting back to a somewhat normal routine, so we hope to start challenges again soon!

With life comes death, and that was one of the things that kept us away for a bit, as Thia's grandpa passed away. He did live a long life, just not as long as his wife would have liked. It's hard spending almost your entire life with someone, then one day they are gone.

Speaking of gone, gone are the days of the tinted stamps by Spiced Sunshine. But, on the BRIGHTER side, they will now come clear! Only a few tinted sets left, so order now if you'd prefer that spiced tint!

We are also looking for new Design Team members! So visit our website and contact us if you are interested!

Here's one new stamp set that will soon be available from Spiced Sunshine Stamps:

Cute set? We think so too! Just in time for Spring!

Thia also has some other great news that she is dying to share with you all, but can' least not yet. She did attend Scrapbook Expo and has great things to report...soon.

Happy Crafting! Looking forward to seeing your projects again!


  1. Replies

      Thanks Susan! Please join us on Facebook for upcoming challenges. We just started a Spring challenge!

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